Episode 50 – Crusader Brewing, IPA Today and Friends

We visited Crusader Brewing this week and sat down and talked to co-owner and Brewer Chris for a lengthy chat about the start of this new brewery in Bakersfield and the local beer scene in general. We also had a few other friends stop by to add to the normal fun shenanigans. It was a blast and really appreciate the hospitality from Crusader!

Episode 49 – Country and Craft Recap plus Unfiltered Brewts

Visited IPA Today Studios to sit down with Vance from the Bakersfield Active 20/30 Club to recap the 2019 Country and Craft Beer Festival. We also took a phone call from John from the Unfiltered Brewts crew to hear about all the great stuff they have coming up. Joey crashed the party right at the end to share some highlights from his recent road trip. Had a great time and sampled some great beers.

Episode 48 – Beer, Beer and More Beer Talk

Sat down with friend and homebrewer Josh, Manny and Jeff for a long conversation that spanned homebrew, commercial brew and pretty much anything else beer. We tried some great beer and had a good time. Had a few other special guests that added to the fun.

Episode 47 – 2019 CCBF Meet Your Brewer Event

Wow! What an event….and this is just the pre-party leading up to the 2019 Country and Craft Beer Festival. We sat down with IPA Today, Vance from the Active 20/30 Club, a few awesome brewers and a cool new Bakersfield Country Band called Imperial Stout. A terrific event, raising money for local children’s charities. Can’t ask for much more than that. Get your CCBF Tickets now!!!! Link in the episode notes.

Episode 46 – A Real ‘Kevin’, Joey And Of Course IPA Today

Thanks to Kenny for hosting this episode at their studios. We chatted with non-IPA drinker Kevin, we kept Joey awake after night shift and even got a visit from Richie. Drank some great beers discussed them as usual. Enjoy.

Episode 45 – NA Beers w/IPA Today, DJoDeed and Martin

Sat down with Kenny, Jacob and Martin to discuss the up and coming Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer world. We sampled a few with traditional craft beer sprinkled in between. We had a great time catching up and enjoying some great beers.

Episode 44 – IPA Today Kenny and Beer Thug Life 2018 Recap

Kenny and I have a skype conversation with Edgar from Beer Thug Life and then we recap 2018. Had a great time with both of them and drank a couple great beers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!