Episode 40 – LA Ramos, DJoDeed and IPA Today


Another fun episode with Kenny from IPA Today. In this episode we sat down with BBQ Master and Beer aging guru Jake aka @DJoDeed and the return of Lysander of @L.A._Ramos to the show. What a great time in this part 1 of 2. We also spent quite a bit of time apologizing and recapping from the Country and Craft Beer festival episode. The audio was terrible and we really wanted to highlight some of the people we got to talk to. All this plus we sampled some amazing beers!!


Episode 39 – 2018 Country and Craft Beer Fest


Got to sit in with Kenny from IPA Today at the opening of the 2018 Bakersfield Country and Craft Beer Festival. The party was awesome but unfortunately the audio quality suffered due to all the activity in the area. We talked to some great folks, hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy it. Thanks to the Active 20-30 Club for having us and all the work they do every year putting on this great event. Hopefully they’re able to donate a ton of money to local children’s charities.

Episode 38 – Meet Your Brewer Event w/IPA Today

It really was an honor to get the opportunity to record this podcast with IPA Today before the 2nd Annual Meet Your Brewer Event at Lengthwise. This event is basically a pre-party to the upcoming Country and Craft Beer Festival schedule for 4/7/18. Besides having ontapbakersfield.com Troy and @panchothemex Frank sit in, we had reps/owners from Lengthwise, LCB and Temblor take turns on the mics. We also had Jada Motontemarano of 23 News, school us on how a professional broadcaster behaves when the mics are on. Can’t thank the boys at the local Active 20/30 Club enough for having us. These guys put on both events all in the name of local children’s charities. If this event is any indication of what we can expect for the festival, I can NOT wait. Last year’s festival was amazing and I have confidence this year’s will be as well. Class Acts! Get your tickets NOW at Eventbrite or Lengthwise!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/4th-annual-country-and-craft-beer-festival-tickets-42967633348?aff=eac2

Episode 37 – Splitcast w/IPA Today, Troy and Kevin pt3


This episode is part 3 of 3 with IPA Today. I don’t have much to say about this one except…Sorry. 🙂
We had a ton of fun recording it and it’s really an inside listen to how a lot of guys just hang out and talk trash to each other. Most everything we say doesn’t mean much more than trying to get the other guys to laugh. Not much of it was serious and shouldn’t be taken that way. Please try to find the humor in it all and disconnect from all the negative in the world for a bit.


Episode 36 – Splitcast w/IPA Today, Troy and Kevin pt2

Let me start off by saying, this podcast is for your amusement and totally fictional. We spend a lot of time putting together these episodes and scenarios. Making them appear unplanned and chaotic is not an easy task. Bringing in trained actors to pretend they are inebriated to be as offensive as possible is not easy or cheap. The offensiveness is not mean spirited and intended to be from a comedic perspective.
You’re welcome.
Now take a listen and try to enjoy the madness.

Episode 35 – Splitcast w/IPA Today and Kevin

Part 1 of the splitcast with Kenny from IPA Today and Kevin. Had a great time drinking some great beers and talking some trash about… pretty much everything. This is the part before the wheels came off. Enjoy!

Episode 34 – Rob, Jeff and Todd Pt 2

This is kind of where we fell apart. Part 2/2. I couldn’t stop laughing, Todd kept talking trash, Jeff stared at his phone and Robbie sang us a song at the end. We ranged in topics from crappy neighbors, more Huell Howser, Frogs, Gophers and a return of Fruit Loops. We even took a drunk call from Joey. What a mess of a show.