Ep. 68 – Friday Beers and Kenny is S**& Boy!

A brand new episode after a lengthy break. We met up with Martin and Kenny D to chat about beers…of course. We had some good ones and heard some pretty interesting stories.

Kali Sol & Great Change Brewing In The House!

Central Cali band Kali Sol and owner Tim of Great Change Brewing came through the INK Studios to talk about their collaboration beer dropping 11/6 – Kali Sol Veza and release party. First time having either of these folks on the show and I can tell you they ARE “I’m Not Kevin” people. Lots of beer and laughs. We had a great time.

Episode 7 – Rob Pt 2

Rob and I continue our long conversation which ranged all over the place and honestly got a little stupid but I think you’ll enjoy a lot of it. We chatted about the old days, the new days, local music and local comedy and everything in between! Go see Glam Cobra at the 1933 in Bakersfield 8/6/16 and watch for open mic nights with my friend Jones The Comedian!
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Episode 6 – Rob Pt 1

This is part 1 of the 3 hour long conversation with my best friend Rob. It ranges from discussing the new music by the band Prophets of Rage, to some technical difficulty we had and even ghosts. The rest of the audio will be posted at a later time.
Music credit goes to Prophets of Rage and is NOT a product of the I’m Not Kevin Podcast. It was only used in the podcast because we talked about the great album.

Episode 5 – Cousin Brandon

This episode is a shortened version of the sit down with Rob. We called my “Cousin” Brandon in Dallas and learned a little about him and his life as a Holzworth, a Father, a Husband, a gun owning American, and an AJ Fernandez Cigar rep for the Southwest area. He has lots of hilarious stories that I think you’ll enjoy. Excuse the poor audio quality as we recorded a lot of this one from an iPhone speaker phone.

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Checkout Brandon’s YouTube Channel here:

Episode # 3 Dad’s Birthday Party

So here is the newest episode and it was a fun one to make. We had a little get together at my brother’s house for our dad’s birthday. There was family and old friends over. We setup the recording equipment right in the backyard and let’er rip. Chaotic at times but overall a fun time. I hope you enjoy it, we sure did! Some names have been hidden or changed to protect the innocent…or not so innocent.

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Episode #1 – The Wife

So I lied, the first episode was NOT with my daughter. She bailed on me a couple hours before I had planned on recording the podcast. So, what’s a guy to do? Spring it on his wife that he needs a guinea pig. And that’s exactly what I did. My wife was cool enough to sit in for my learning experience. Please take a listen and let me know what you think. I know I have tons to learn but maybe you can still get some enjoyment out of this episode. Don’t forget to subscribe via iTunes or GooglePlay.

Podcast Recording

Tomorrow, I’ve scheduled some time with my daughter to record the first official episode of the I’m Not Kevin Podcast. I’m excited and nervous. I sure hope it goes well. I hope I am able to keep the conversation going and interesting. My 15 y/o daughter is quite a ham and has a great fun personality so I think she’ll save my butt if I don’t know what I’m doing. This will be a good one to cut my teeth on I think.

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That’s all for now, check back soon for Episode #1 of the I’m Not Kevin Podcast!