Episode 15 – Menage A Cast

Hooked up with John from Mastime and Kenny from IPA Today for a brew day at John’s house. Kenny and I did all the work, don’t let John lie to you. We also had John’s wife Anna and friend Tyler along for the ride. Quite a bit of beer talk of course with a lots of goofing around in between. Had a blast and learned some brew stuff.
Try to suffer through the IPA Today Intro. We recorded on their system and I inherited their handy editing work. 🙂 That’s for you Kenny!
IG: @imnotkevinpod
@ipatoday93312 @mashtimepodcast Make sure to check out their podcasts as well.

Episode 14 – Friends and Beer

Finally got another episode done and here it is. Had a blast hanging with Jeff, Rob and Kevin drinking and talking about beer along with a bunch of other chaos. We even had a few phone calls during the episode. One from Robbie’s wife, one from Kenny with IPA Today Podcast and TWO from Kevin’s cousin Mike! We spent some time talking about local craft beer, home brewing, and local beer events. If you want to know what’s coming up in local Bakersfield beer scene, check out www.ontapbakersfield.com, if you want to hear some serious talk about home brew, check out the MashTime podcast on iTunes, if you want to hear some non so serious beer talk, check out the IPA Today podcast! Thanks to LCB in Tehachapi for making a damn good beer that gave me some hope for IPA’s! #beer #podcast #homebrew


Episode 13 – Todd and Jeff

FINALLY! We were able to get Todd and Jeff to sit down and tell some fun stories of their teenage years. Some innocent stories and some not so innocent. We had a great time and I think it’s the start of many episodes to come with these guys!!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from The I’m Not Kevin Podcast!!