Episode 22 – LCB Live with IPA Today and Others

Holy Crap, what a ride!!! Went up to Tehachapi to do a live broadcast with Kenny from IPA Today, Joey, Troy from Ontapbakersfield.com and of course Tyson and “Hot Wife” of LCB. What a great ass time. The beer was flowing, the tacos were awesome and the crowd was kinda, sorta interested. A train wreck to remember!! Enjoy.



Episode 21 – Part 2 Swapcast w/IPA Today and Guest LA Ramos


In the 2nd half, we continue to drink great craft beer and make inappropriate jokes. I shoot some beer out of my nose for the first time during a podcast…thanks Kenny! It was a great time hanging with Kenny and Lysander. As always Kenny brought the jokes and trash talk and Lysander brought a bunch of beer knowledge and fun conversation. His tagline is “Getting you faded”, and yes we all got faded. Check them both out on IG @ipatoday93312 @l.a._ramos . Part 2 of 2.




Episode 20 – Swapcast w/IPA Today and Guest LA Ramos!

Maybe I should edit this but it’s too hot and I’ve had too much beer to care. We made a special trip to IPA Today Studios to combine forces and interview Instagram Beer Sensation Lysander Ramos @l.a._ramos. Had a great time talking about beer and an inappropriate story or two from Kenny. Damn fun. This is part 1 of 2.

Episode 19 – Good Badder Episode

I’m almost embarrassed to post this half. We pretty much fell off the rails once the beer kicked in and Jeff showed up. At one point I think we forgot we were recording audio. We had a great time and I hope you find a way to enjoy listening to it, even if it’s half as much as we did making it.




Episode 18 – Good Bad Episode

Robbie came over for some drinking time at the studio. We were sampling some new home brew of mine. Robbie was hungover, and it took him some time to wake up.
It was somewhat an impromptu recording session with little prep and not much of an agenda….and I won’t lie, it shows! But we had a good time, told some stories and generally goofed around. Kenny from @IPAtoday93312 called in. We also harassed Jeff on the phone and guilted him to come over which you’ll hear on part 2.