Episode 45 – NA Beers w/IPA Today, DJoDeed and Martin

Sat down with Kenny, Jacob and Martin to discuss the up and coming Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer world. We sampled a few with traditional craft beer sprinkled in between. We had a great time catching up and enjoying some great beers.

Episode 44 – IPA Today Kenny and Beer Thug Life 2018 Recap

Kenny and I have a skype conversation with Edgar from Beer Thug Life and then we recap 2018. Had a great time with both of them and drank a couple great beers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Episode 43 – LCB Party Recap with IPA Today and Friends

In this splitcast with IPA Today we chat about the previous weeks party at LCB and a slew of other inappropriate stuff. This is the first episode in the brand new studio. Hopefully we can get back on track with episodes. Besides Kenny we got to BS with Troy, Joey, Martin and John. Plenty of laughs and of course some inappropriate jokes and comments from the peanut gallery. Try to enjoy and not be offended.


Episode 42 – ChickCast with IPA Today

Sat down with IPA Today and a couple lady craft beer lovers. They give us some prospective of the beers they love and some other female umm, insights. This is a loooooong 1 of 1 episode. You’ll probably want to spread it out over a week or so.

Episode 41 – Part 2 w/LA Ramos, DJoDeed and IPA Today

This is part 2 of the splitcast with IPA Today where we chat with Lysander @l.a._Ramos and @djodeed . The beer continues to flow and it starts to show. We had a great time and managed to offend everyone in the room and beyond. Good times for sure….remember, it’s all in good fun and meant to be for entertainment purposes 😉

Episode 40 – LA Ramos, DJoDeed and IPA Today


Another fun episode with Kenny from IPA Today. In this episode we sat down with BBQ Master and Beer aging guru Jake aka @DJoDeed and the return of Lysander of @L.A._Ramos to the show. What a great time in this part 1 of 2. We also spent quite a bit of time apologizing and recapping from the Country and Craft Beer festival episode. The audio was terrible and we really wanted to highlight some of the people we got to talk to. All this plus we sampled some amazing beers!!

Episode 39 – 2018 Country and Craft Beer Fest


Got to sit in with Kenny from IPA Today at the opening of the 2018 Bakersfield Country and Craft Beer Festival. The party was awesome but unfortunately the audio quality suffered due to all the activity in the area. We talked to some great folks, hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy it. Thanks to the Active 20-30 Club for having us and all the work they do every year putting on this great event. Hopefully they’re able to donate a ton of money to local children’s charities.