Episode 29 – Kevin and Jeff

Kevin and Jeff come over and hang out for this part 1 of a long night of drinking and goofing around. We chat about beer, Fruit Loops, Turkey Day, Stranger Things and the 80’s.


Episode 28-Part 3 with Ontapbakersfield.com and the return of Rob!

The “That’s what she said” episode with Troy and Rob. We took a phone call and generally fell off the rails for this one. It was a ton of fun for us….hopefully it comes through and entertains you too.

Episode 27-Part 2 with Ontapbakersfield.com and the return of Rob!

The beers continue to degrade our better judgement and Rob and Troy sing a duet of an ’80’s song. Troy questions why he agreed to be on the show and tarnish his good name. Enjoy!

Episode 25 – Another Mess w/IPA Today Pt2

Have you ever seen one of those train wreck videos on YouTube where the train is moving very slowly and the wreck just kind of happens in slow motion…and it just keeps going and going and going?? Well if you know what I’m talking about you’ll know what this episode is like. I blame Kenny. We had a blast. Chris and Joey were still there and we even had a call from John of the Mash Time podcast. Towards the end @panchothemex Frank showed up to witness the chaos.

Episode 26 – Ontapbakersfield.com and Robbie

Robbie makes a return visit to sit down with me and Troy from Ontapbakersfield.com to chat beer and promote the upcoming Bacon and Craft Beer Festival in Bakersfield. We also drank some awesome beers. Troy brought some he picked up from Bakersfield Beer Company. Part 1 of who knows how many. We chatted for a while. This is an out of order post…math is hard!

Episode 24 – Another Mess w/IPA Today Pt1

Hey, Happy International Podcast Day! http://internationalpodcastday.com/ #InternationalPodcastDay To continue our theme of collaborating with IPA Today, this is part 1 of a 2 part session we did the week after episode 23. Joey and Chris sat in for Richie. We drank a bunch of great beer that totally wrecked all of us. I don’t think we drank anything under a Double IPA…~9% and up. I sure hope you enjoy this half as much as we enjoyed making it. Check back next week for part 2. Check out some of the beers we drank over @localcraftbeer in Tehachapi, CA.

Episode 23 – IPA Today Train Wreck

So I made the mistake of visiting IPA Today Studios for this one as they were finishing one drunk episode and starting another. We were drinking beer from Garage Brewing out of Temecula, CA. I did my best to catch up with them. If you’d like to hear what put them in this condition before my arrival you’ll have to head over and download their episode 57. Good times.