Village Fest

So who’s going to Village Fest in Bakersfield tonight? I’m Not Kevin will be there!! It’s always a great time, great beer, awesome music and fantastic food.


Episode 10 – Mark and Rob

In this episode we introduce my old friend Mark. He’s been around since high school and has lots of dirt on me to say the least. It was his first time on the mic so I think it was a little odd for him getting used to it. Couple that with Rob showing up after day drinking, there was some strange non vocal jokes going on between the three of us. It was fun and I hope that comes through for you. If you have kids please don’t let them listen to this episode. We kind of take it off the rails for a while. Enjoy!! Please excuse the clicking in the first half. I haven’t quite figured out where it’s coming from. After our break, it magically disappeared. Go figure….

Rob said I had to share the video we were talking about where I almost get knocked out. Here ya go


@Markbsae and Rob

Just wrapped recording with Robbie and Mark. It was pretty fun but this one is going to be a little strange for you listeners though. There was lots of non audible communication going on which may be the risk of having close old friends get together. We have a blast but not sure how well it comes across over the mic. I’m sure I’ll  make it fun in the edit. Whenever there is awkward silence, maybe I’ll add a fart noise or something. Now I just have to find time to edit and post it. Keep an eye out for it! #imnotkevinpod @imnotkevinpod

Some pics I took during recording. One of the peanut gallery laughing and the other of the dog that almost made Rob poop his pants. One more just for fun….


Episode 9 – Jones The Comedian

In this episode I spend time with an old friend, Keith Jones, talking about his life’s journey to date as well as his endeavors as a Professional Comedian, Radio Talk Show Host and small business owner. Make sure you check him out on Facebook. and his Ice cream and Grub Truck on Instagram @servinsmilestruck . He’ll be Servin’ his funny at Temblor Brewery in Bakersfield September 24th for the Oil City Comedy Royal Rumble. Listen to him every weekday morning 6a-9a, 88.3 KAXL Life in the Morning with John and Keith.