Episode 62 – CoronaCast

Welcome to the new world. We take a stab at our first ALL Skype episode. We test some homebrew and a mystery production beer from Martin. Despite the challenges, we had a great time an can see some future possibilities. Enjoy!

Episode 61 – Crusader Brewing 1yr Anniversary

Kenny and I sat with Chris and Evan of Crusader Brewing in Bakersfield to talk about their first year in business and things to come from them. We sampled some of their staple beers plus some early tastes of beers to be debuted as part of their 1 year Anniversary event 2/22/20. We had a great time drinking great beer and hanging out with great people!

Episode 60 – 2nd Phase Brewing Grand Opening

Kenny, Josh and Shawn got to sit down with Frank (@panchothemex) and talk about his new brewery prior to the grand opening later that day (1/31/20). He gave us some background on the brewery plus we tasted some first batch samples off the new equipment. We had a great time sitting down with our longtime friend and frequent guest. Looking forward to what the future brings him on this journey of bringing great beers to downtown Bakersfield! Congrats Pancho!

Episode 59 – Temblor’s Mike Lahti and 2nd Phase Progress

Sat down with Kenny, Frank and Temblor Brewing’s Mike Lahti to send him off into the sunset as he prepares to leave the brewery and head closer to home. We also spend some time talking about Frank’s progress on 2nd Phase Brewing and getting ready to open!

Episode 57 – Joey, Josh, Maine Beers and Imbibe Hop Shoot Out Recap Part 1

Joey and Josh come by the studio to discuss the recent Imbibe Hop Shoot Out Competition and Joey brings some beers back from Maine for us to try. Great time and great beers. We even took an inappropriate call from Kenny of course. This is part 1.