Episode 57 – Joey, Josh, Maine Beers and Imbibe Hop Shoot Out Recap Part 1

Joey and Josh come by the studio to discuss the recent Imbibe Hop Shoot Out Competition and Joey brings some beers back from Maine for us to try. Great time and great beers. We even took an inappropriate call from Kenny of course. This is part 1.

Episode 56 – Part 2 Throw-back Beers with Kenny, Frank, Josh and Martin

The second half of our long episode with the boys talking about many things including throw-back beers and current beers.

Episode 55 – Throw-back Beers with Kenny, Frank, Josh and Martin

A full house for this part 1 of 2, Kenny, Frank, Josh and Martin all come over and hang out in the INK Studio. Had a blast goofing around with the guys and sampled some great beers…including some throw-back beers from back in the day.

Episode 54 – 2nd Phase Brewing and White Claw For Everyone

Got to sit down with our buddy Frank of 2nd Phase Brewing to learn about progress of the new brewery and what we should expect. We sampled some home brew, some production beers and even sampled the ever so popular White Claw! Thanks to Kenny and Richie of IPA Today for sitting in and bringing some great beers as well!

Episode 51 – A Full House with LA Ramos, Rob, Joey and IPA Today

We kind of screwed the pooch on this one. It was Lysander’s annual visit to the show. We had a full house and unfortunately audio problems that didn’t help…but damn it was fun. This is part 1 of 2. Both are a bit of a train-wreck but we sampled some great beer and talked a bunch of trash with some great friends. Try to enjoy it.