Ep. 68 – Friday Beers and Kenny is S**& Boy!

A brand new episode after a lengthy break. We met up with Martin and Kenny D to chat about beers…of course. We had some good ones and heard some pretty interesting stories.

Kali Sol & Great Change Brewing In The House!

Central Cali band Kali Sol and owner Tim of Great Change Brewing came through the INK Studios to talk about their collaboration beer dropping 11/6 – Kali Sol Veza and release party. First time having either of these folks on the show and I can tell you they ARE “I’m Not Kevin” people. Lots of beer and laughs. We had a great time.

Episode 66 – Rough n Rowdy with the Boys

It’s been a while since posting to the audio version of the show. We’ve made the jump to live streams on Twitch. Check it out at http://www.twitch.tv/imnotkevinpod and don’t forget to follow!
This episode Josh, Martin and I watched some Rough N Rowdy fights and drank some great beer….maybe too much

Episode 61 – Crusader Brewing 1yr Anniversary

Kenny and I sat with Chris and Evan of Crusader Brewing in Bakersfield to talk about their first year in business and things to come from them. We sampled some of their staple beers plus some early tastes of beers to be debuted as part of their 1 year Anniversary event 2/22/20. We had a great time drinking great beer and hanging out with great people!

Episode 60 – 2nd Phase Brewing Grand Opening

Kenny, Josh and Shawn got to sit down with Frank (@panchothemex) and talk about his new brewery prior to the grand opening later that day (1/31/20). He gave us some background on the brewery plus we tasted some first batch samples off the new equipment. We had a great time sitting down with our longtime friend and frequent guest. Looking forward to what the future brings him on this journey of bringing great beers to downtown Bakersfield! Congrats Pancho!

Episode 59 – Temblor’s Mike Lahti and 2nd Phase Progress

Sat down with Kenny, Frank and Temblor Brewing’s Mike Lahti to send him off into the sunset as he prepares to leave the brewery and head closer to home. We also spend some time talking about Frank’s progress on 2nd Phase Brewing and getting ready to open!

Episode 57 – Joey, Josh, Maine Beers and Imbibe Hop Shoot Out Recap Part 1

Joey and Josh come by the studio to discuss the recent Imbibe Hop Shoot Out Competition and Joey brings some beers back from Maine for us to try. Great time and great beers. We even took an inappropriate call from Kenny of course. This is part 1.

Episode 55 – Throw-back Beers with Kenny, Frank, Josh and Martin

A full house for this part 1 of 2, Kenny, Frank, Josh and Martin all come over and hang out in the INK Studio. Had a blast goofing around with the guys and sampled some great beers…including some throw-back beers from back in the day.

Episode 54 – 2nd Phase Brewing and White Claw For Everyone

Got to sit down with our buddy Frank of 2nd Phase Brewing to learn about progress of the new brewery and what we should expect. We sampled some home brew, some production beers and even sampled the ever so popular White Claw! Thanks to Kenny and Richie of IPA Today for sitting in and bringing some great beers as well!

Episode 51 – A Full House with LA Ramos, Rob, Joey and IPA Today

We kind of screwed the pooch on this one. It was Lysander’s annual visit to the show. We had a full house and unfortunately audio problems that didn’t help…but damn it was fun. This is part 1 of 2. Both are a bit of a train-wreck but we sampled some great beer and talked a bunch of trash with some great friends. Try to enjoy it.

Episode 50 – Crusader Brewing, IPA Today and Friends

We visited Crusader Brewing this week and sat down and talked to co-owner and Brewer Chris for a lengthy chat about the start of this new brewery in Bakersfield and the local beer scene in general. We also had a few other friends stop by to add to the normal fun shenanigans. It was a blast and really appreciate the hospitality from Crusader!

Episode 49 – Country and Craft Recap plus Unfiltered Brewts

Visited IPA Today Studios to sit down with Vance from the Bakersfield Active 20/30 Club to recap the 2019 Country and Craft Beer Festival. We also took a phone call from John from the Unfiltered Brewts crew to hear about all the great stuff they have coming up. Joey crashed the party right at the end to share some highlights from his recent road trip. Had a great time and sampled some great beers.

Episode 48 – Beer, Beer and More Beer Talk

Sat down with friend and homebrewer Josh, Manny and Jeff for a long conversation that spanned homebrew, commercial brew and pretty much anything else beer. We tried some great beer and had a good time. Had a few other special guests that added to the fun.

Episode 47 – 2019 CCBF Meet Your Brewer Event

Wow! What an event….and this is just the pre-party leading up to the 2019 Country and Craft Beer Festival. We sat down with IPA Today, Vance from the Active 20/30 Club, a few awesome brewers and a cool new Bakersfield Country Band called Imperial Stout. A terrific event, raising money for local children’s charities. Can’t ask for much more than that. Get your CCBF Tickets now!!!! Link in the episode notes.

Episode 46 – A Real ‘Kevin’, Joey And Of Course IPA Today

Thanks to Kenny for hosting this episode at their studios. We chatted with non-IPA drinker Kevin, we kept Joey awake after night shift and even got a visit from Richie. Drank some great beers discussed them as usual. Enjoy.

Episode 45 – NA Beers w/IPA Today, DJoDeed and Martin

Sat down with Kenny, Jacob and Martin to discuss the up and coming Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer world. We sampled a few with traditional craft beer sprinkled in between. We had a great time catching up and enjoying some great beers.

Episode 44 – IPA Today Kenny and Beer Thug Life 2018 Recap

Kenny and I have a skype conversation with Edgar from Beer Thug Life and then we recap 2018. Had a great time with both of them and drank a couple great beers. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!

Episode 43 – LCB Party Recap with IPA Today and Friends

In this splitcast with IPA Today we chat about the previous weeks party at LCB and a slew of other inappropriate stuff. This is the first episode in the brand new studio. Hopefully we can get back on track with episodes. Besides Kenny we got to BS with Troy, Joey, Martin and John. Plenty of laughs and of course some inappropriate jokes and comments from the peanut gallery. Try to enjoy and not be offended.


Episode 42 – ChickCast with IPA Today

Sat down with IPA Today and a couple lady craft beer lovers. They give us some prospective of the beers they love and some other female umm, insights. This is a loooooong 1 of 1 episode. You’ll probably want to spread it out over a week or so.

Episode 41 – Part 2 w/LA Ramos, DJoDeed and IPA Today

This is part 2 of the splitcast with IPA Today where we chat with Lysander @l.a._Ramos and @djodeed . The beer continues to flow and it starts to show. We had a great time and managed to offend everyone in the room and beyond. Good times for sure….remember, it’s all in good fun and meant to be for entertainment purposes 😉

Episode 40 – LA Ramos, DJoDeed and IPA Today


Another fun episode with Kenny from IPA Today. In this episode we sat down with BBQ Master and Beer aging guru Jake aka @DJoDeed and the return of Lysander of @L.A._Ramos to the show. What a great time in this part 1 of 2. We also spent quite a bit of time apologizing and recapping from the Country and Craft Beer festival episode. The audio was terrible and we really wanted to highlight some of the people we got to talk to. All this plus we sampled some amazing beers!!

Episode 39 – 2018 Country and Craft Beer Fest


Got to sit in with Kenny from IPA Today at the opening of the 2018 Bakersfield Country and Craft Beer Festival. The party was awesome but unfortunately the audio quality suffered due to all the activity in the area. We talked to some great folks, hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy it. Thanks to the Active 20-30 Club for having us and all the work they do every year putting on this great event. Hopefully they’re able to donate a ton of money to local children’s charities.

Episode 38 – Meet Your Brewer Event w/IPA Today

It really was an honor to get the opportunity to record this podcast with IPA Today before the 2nd Annual Meet Your Brewer Event at Lengthwise. This event is basically a pre-party to the upcoming Country and Craft Beer Festival schedule for 4/7/18. Besides having ontapbakersfield.com Troy and @panchothemex Frank sit in, we had reps/owners from Lengthwise, LCB and Temblor take turns on the mics. We also had Jada Motontemarano of 23 News, school us on how a professional broadcaster behaves when the mics are on. Can’t thank the boys at the local Active 20/30 Club enough for having us. These guys put on both events all in the name of local children’s charities. If this event is any indication of what we can expect for the festival, I can NOT wait. Last year’s festival was amazing and I have confidence this year’s will be as well. Class Acts! Get your tickets NOW at Eventbrite or Lengthwise!! https://www.eventbrite.com/e/4th-annual-country-and-craft-beer-festival-tickets-42967633348?aff=eac2

Episode 37 – Splitcast w/IPA Today, Troy and Kevin pt3


This episode is part 3 of 3 with IPA Today. I don’t have much to say about this one except…Sorry. 🙂
We had a ton of fun recording it and it’s really an inside listen to how a lot of guys just hang out and talk trash to each other. Most everything we say doesn’t mean much more than trying to get the other guys to laugh. Not much of it was serious and shouldn’t be taken that way. Please try to find the humor in it all and disconnect from all the negative in the world for a bit.


Episode 36 – Splitcast w/IPA Today, Troy and Kevin pt2

Let me start off by saying, this podcast is for your amusement and totally fictional. We spend a lot of time putting together these episodes and scenarios. Making them appear unplanned and chaotic is not an easy task. Bringing in trained actors to pretend they are inebriated to be as offensive as possible is not easy or cheap. The offensiveness is not mean spirited and intended to be from a comedic perspective.
You’re welcome.
Now take a listen and try to enjoy the madness.

Episode 35 – Splitcast w/IPA Today and Kevin

Part 1 of the splitcast with Kenny from IPA Today and Kevin. Had a great time drinking some great beers and talking some trash about… pretty much everything. This is the part before the wheels came off. Enjoy!

Episode 34 – Rob, Jeff and Todd Pt 2

This is kind of where we fell apart. Part 2/2. I couldn’t stop laughing, Todd kept talking trash, Jeff stared at his phone and Robbie sang us a song at the end. We ranged in topics from crappy neighbors, more Huell Howser, Frogs, Gophers and a return of Fruit Loops. We even took a drunk call from Joey. What a mess of a show.

Episode 33 – Rob, Jeff and Todd

Had a fun ass time with Rob, Jeff and Todd in this episode 1 of probably 2 or 3. This part we explore topics from Ear, Nose and Taint Doctors to California Gold’s Late Great Huell Howser with some impersonations by Big Rob. Todd made fun of us for being beer snobs. It hurt my feelings.

Episode 32 – LCB 2yr Party w/IPA Today and Others Part 2

Editing this one reminded me how much fun we had up at LCB for their 2yr Anniversary Party. What a blast! IPA Today, Troy from ontapbakersfied.com and @panchothemex all helped while LCB owners, Tyson and Katie tried to keep us in line…or not….they actually probably threw fuel on the fire.

Somehow through the shit-show, we managed to talk to Rapper Riddy K who gave an impromptu performance that rocked, DJ Dynomit3 and Chris from Beer Zombies. Check all three of them out, they have great stuff coming out NOW!

Episode 31 – LCB 2yr Party w/IPA Today and Others Part 1

This is part 1 of the pre-party show we did with IPA TodayOntapbakersfield.com and @panchothemex at Local Craft Beer in Tehachapi, CA. LCB was celebrating their 2 year anniversary and Tyson and Katie had us all up to podcast before the party started. We chatted with a handful of people including @beerzombies himself. It was a great time and I really appreciate the hospitality @localcraftbeer showed us. Thanks to IPA Today for helping put it together and doing the recording on their setup.

Episode 30 – Kevin and Jeff Part 2


The second half of the show with Kevin and Jeff. The beer starts to kick in during this episode. It hurt the next day but we sure had a great time. We talked to Dan on the phone and Tony from The Empty Tumbler Project podcast out of N.C.. Please remember to rate and subscribe on iTunes, GooglePlay or whatever service you use.

Episode 28-Part 3 with Ontapbakersfield.com and the return of Rob!

The “That’s what she said” episode with Troy and Rob. We took a phone call and generally fell off the rails for this one. It was a ton of fun for us….hopefully it comes through and entertains you too.

Episode 27-Part 2 with Ontapbakersfield.com and the return of Rob!

The beers continue to degrade our better judgement and Rob and Troy sing a duet of an ’80’s song. Troy questions why he agreed to be on the show and tarnish his good name. Enjoy!

Episode 25 – Another Mess w/IPA Today Pt2

Have you ever seen one of those train wreck videos on YouTube where the train is moving very slowly and the wreck just kind of happens in slow motion…and it just keeps going and going and going?? Well if you know what I’m talking about you’ll know what this episode is like. I blame Kenny. We had a blast. Chris and Joey were still there and we even had a call from John of the Mash Time podcast. Towards the end @panchothemex Frank showed up to witness the chaos.

Episode 26 – Ontapbakersfield.com and Robbie

Robbie makes a return visit to sit down with me and Troy from Ontapbakersfield.com to chat beer and promote the upcoming Bacon and Craft Beer Festival in Bakersfield. We also drank some awesome beers. Troy brought some he picked up from Bakersfield Beer Company. Part 1 of who knows how many. We chatted for a while. This is an out of order post…math is hard!

Episode 24 – Another Mess w/IPA Today Pt1

Hey, Happy International Podcast Day! http://internationalpodcastday.com/ #InternationalPodcastDay To continue our theme of collaborating with IPA Today, this is part 1 of a 2 part session we did the week after episode 23. Joey and Chris sat in for Richie. We drank a bunch of great beer that totally wrecked all of us. I don’t think we drank anything under a Double IPA…~9% and up. I sure hope you enjoy this half as much as we enjoyed making it. Check back next week for part 2. Check out some of the beers we drank over @localcraftbeer in Tehachapi, CA.

Episode 23 – IPA Today Train Wreck

So I made the mistake of visiting IPA Today Studios for this one as they were finishing one drunk episode and starting another. We were drinking beer from Garage Brewing out of Temecula, CA. I did my best to catch up with them. If you’d like to hear what put them in this condition before my arrival you’ll have to head over and download their episode 57. Good times.

Episode 22 – LCB Live with IPA Today and Others

Holy Crap, what a ride!!! Went up to Tehachapi to do a live broadcast with Kenny from IPA Today, Joey, Troy from Ontapbakersfield.com and of course Tyson and “Hot Wife” of LCB. What a great ass time. The beer was flowing, the tacos were awesome and the crowd was kinda, sorta interested. A train wreck to remember!! Enjoy.


Episode 21 – Part 2 Swapcast w/IPA Today and Guest LA Ramos


In the 2nd half, we continue to drink great craft beer and make inappropriate jokes. I shoot some beer out of my nose for the first time during a podcast…thanks Kenny! It was a great time hanging with Kenny and Lysander. As always Kenny brought the jokes and trash talk and Lysander brought a bunch of beer knowledge and fun conversation. His tagline is “Getting you faded”, and yes we all got faded. Check them both out on IG @ipatoday93312 @l.a._ramos . Part 2 of 2.




Episode 20 – Swapcast w/IPA Today and Guest LA Ramos!

Maybe I should edit this but it’s too hot and I’ve had too much beer to care. We made a special trip to IPA Today Studios to combine forces and interview Instagram Beer Sensation Lysander Ramos @l.a._ramos. Had a great time talking about beer and an inappropriate story or two from Kenny. Damn fun. This is part 1 of 2.

Episode 19 – Good Badder Episode

I’m almost embarrassed to post this half. We pretty much fell off the rails once the beer kicked in and Jeff showed up. At one point I think we forgot we were recording audio. We had a great time and I hope you find a way to enjoy listening to it, even if it’s half as much as we did making it.




Episode 18 – Good Bad Episode

Robbie came over for some drinking time at the studio. We were sampling some new home brew of mine. Robbie was hungover, and it took him some time to wake up.
It was somewhat an impromptu recording session with little prep and not much of an agenda….and I won’t lie, it shows! But we had a good time, told some stories and generally goofed around. Kenny from @IPAtoday93312 called in. We also harassed Jeff on the phone and guilted him to come over which you’ll hear on part 2.



Episode 17 – Yet Another Menage A Cast

For this session we ended up at Mash Time Stu’s recording studio for some awesome beer talk. Troy from http://www.ontapbakersfield.com guest hosted for Mash Time. Kenny from IPA Today and Uncle Frank brought tons of beer knowledge and inappropriate jokes. We also took a phone call from Stu’s buddy from the Bay area to discuss his first home brew. Sure had a blast with these guys and learned a few things in the process. Spread the word!!
Don’t forget to check out all the groups online info.

Episode 15 – Menage A Cast

Hooked up with John from Mastime and Kenny from IPA Today for a brew day at John’s house. Kenny and I did all the work, don’t let John lie to you. We also had John’s wife Anna and friend Tyler along for the ride. Quite a bit of beer talk of course with a lots of goofing around in between. Had a blast and learned some brew stuff.
Try to suffer through the IPA Today Intro. We recorded on their system and I inherited their handy editing work. 🙂 That’s for you Kenny!
IG: @imnotkevinpod
@ipatoday93312 @mashtimepodcast Make sure to check out their podcasts as well.

Episode 14 – Friends and Beer

Finally got another episode done and here it is. Had a blast hanging with Jeff, Rob and Kevin drinking and talking about beer along with a bunch of other chaos. We even had a few phone calls during the episode. One from Robbie’s wife, one from Kenny with IPA Today Podcast and TWO from Kevin’s cousin Mike! We spent some time talking about local craft beer, home brewing, and local beer events. If you want to know what’s coming up in local Bakersfield beer scene, check out www.ontapbakersfield.com, if you want to hear some serious talk about home brew, check out the MashTime podcast on iTunes, if you want to hear some non so serious beer talk, check out the IPA Today podcast! Thanks to LCB in Tehachapi for making a damn good beer that gave me some hope for IPA’s! #beer #podcast #homebrew


Episode 13 – Todd and Jeff

FINALLY! We were able to get Todd and Jeff to sit down and tell some fun stories of their teenage years. Some innocent stories and some not so innocent. We had a great time and I think it’s the start of many episodes to come with these guys!!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones from The I’m Not Kevin Podcast!!

Episode 12 – Surprise Episode w/Rob

We didn’t put a lot of thought into this episode but we managed to cover just about everything. We sampled some good beer, talked about sports, 2016 elections, lots of music and managed to record some bodily noise. A pretty lame episode but we had fun and managed to tell some funny stories and jokes. Hope you can filter through the junk to get to them. You even get to listen to me try to figure out live broadcasting on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 11 – Swapcast with the IPA Today Boys

Wooo Hoo!! A new episode. This is a special episode with the boys at www.ipatoday.net. They hosted the session at their location and we had a damn good time. We sampled some beer, told some stories and just generally talked trash to each other. I look forward to hooking up with them again sometime!! Enjoy.


Episode 10 – Mark and Rob

In this episode we introduce my old friend Mark. He’s been around since high school and has lots of dirt on me to say the least. It was his first time on the mic so I think it was a little odd for him getting used to it. Couple that with Rob showing up after day drinking, there was some strange non vocal jokes going on between the three of us. It was fun and I hope that comes through for you. If you have kids please don’t let them listen to this episode. We kind of take it off the rails for a while. Enjoy!! Please excuse the clicking in the first half. I haven’t quite figured out where it’s coming from. After our break, it magically disappeared. Go figure….

Rob said I had to share the video we were talking about where I almost get knocked out. Here ya go


@Markbsae and Rob

Just wrapped recording with Robbie and Mark. It was pretty fun but this one is going to be a little strange for you listeners though. There was lots of non audible communication going on which may be the risk of having close old friends get together. We have a blast but not sure how well it comes across over the mic. I’m sure I’ll  make it fun in the edit. Whenever there is awkward silence, maybe I’ll add a fart noise or something. Now I just have to find time to edit and post it. Keep an eye out for it! #imnotkevinpod @imnotkevinpod

Some pics I took during recording. One of the peanut gallery laughing and the other of the dog that almost made Rob poop his pants. One more just for fun….


Episode 9 – Jones The Comedian

In this episode I spend time with an old friend, Keith Jones, talking about his life’s journey to date as well as his endeavors as a Professional Comedian, Radio Talk Show Host and small business owner. Make sure you check him out on Facebook. http://www.facebook.com/Jones.TheComedian and his Ice cream and Grub Truck on Instagram @servinsmilestruck . He’ll be Servin’ his funny at Temblor Brewery in Bakersfield September 24th for the Oil City Comedy Royal Rumble. Listen to him every weekday morning 6a-9a, 88.3 KAXL Life in the Morning with John and Keith.






Episode 7 – Rob Pt 2

Rob and I continue our long conversation which ranged all over the place and honestly got a little stupid but I think you’ll enjoy a lot of it. We chatted about the old days, the new days, local music and local comedy and everything in between! Go see Glam Cobra at the 1933 in Bakersfield 8/6/16 and watch for open mic nights with my friend Jones The Comedian!
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Episode 6 – Rob Pt 1

This is part 1 of the 3 hour long conversation with my best friend Rob. It ranges from discussing the new music by the band Prophets of Rage, to some technical difficulty we had and even ghosts. The rest of the audio will be posted at a later time.
Music credit goes to Prophets of Rage and is NOT a product of the I’m Not Kevin Podcast. It was only used in the podcast because we talked about the great album.

Episode 5 – Cousin Brandon

This episode is a shortened version of the sit down with Rob. We called my “Cousin” Brandon in Dallas and learned a little about him and his life as a Holzworth, a Father, a Husband, a gun owning American, and an AJ Fernandez Cigar rep for the Southwest area. He has lots of hilarious stories that I think you’ll enjoy. Excuse the poor audio quality as we recorded a lot of this one from an iPhone speaker phone.

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Checkout Brandon’s YouTube Channel here:

Episode # 3 Dad’s Birthday Party

So here is the newest episode and it was a fun one to make. We had a little get together at my brother’s house for our dad’s birthday. There was family and old friends over. We setup the recording equipment right in the backyard and let’er rip. Chaotic at times but overall a fun time. I hope you enjoy it, we sure did! Some names have been hidden or changed to protect the innocent…or not so innocent.

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Episode #1 – The Wife

So I lied, the first episode was NOT with my daughter. She bailed on me a couple hours before I had planned on recording the podcast. So, what’s a guy to do? Spring it on his wife that he needs a guinea pig. And that’s exactly what I did. My wife was cool enough to sit in for my learning experience. Please take a listen and let me know what you think. I know I have tons to learn but maybe you can still get some enjoyment out of this episode. Don’t forget to subscribe via iTunes or GooglePlay.

Podcast Recording

Tomorrow, I’ve scheduled some time with my daughter to record the first official episode of the I’m Not Kevin Podcast. I’m excited and nervous. I sure hope it goes well. I hope I am able to keep the conversation going and interesting. My 15 y/o daughter is quite a ham and has a great fun personality so I think she’ll save my butt if I don’t know what I’m doing. This will be a good one to cut my teeth on I think.

Also, we are now active podcasts on iTunes and Google Play, so go subscribe and rate us!!

That’s all for now, check back soon for Episode #1 of the I’m Not Kevin Podcast!